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Harry & Severus

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Hello here too.
*greets you in a totally non-stalkery way, right ;)*
Forgot to say on the IJ post, love the different emotions conveyed through Sev's eyes in the panels.

If I have a stalker, I'm glad it's you, Felaine. *Hugs* XD

And thank you kindly as always for your comments on the art! I'm currently in a phase where I want to work on the emotions/expressions my art portrays, so I'm glad you liked it. ;D


Yay I've always loved your style!!

Just found you through oldenuf2nb and WOW! I LOVE your art!
So, I've friended you to keep track. Hope you don't mind :)

Your art is fantastic! I'm friending in order to stalk you properly :)
Oh, and I'm over 18, so no worries!

Welcome back, Chiaki!!! ::MV::

I've been looking at your work, and it's so fun~! Just wanted to drop you a line and say that I am 18+, so we can be friends.

I would love to see your art, I'm twenty, so age isn't a problem~ =)

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