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SNARRY-A-THON12 Masterlist Revealed! :D
Hello Lovely F-Listers!

SNARRY-A-THON12 just released their Masterlist of fanfiction and art. 

Please go check out the amazing work submitted for this year's fest HERE and maybe my own submission:

<3 - Chiaki

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I KNEW that was your art!

So lovely. I love the colors and the dreamy feel of it. And of course Harry has his Prince! *sighs happily*

Because you know me so well dearest! ;D

Thank you for your kind words as always. We have to catch up soon--I have good news!

I hope you and the young ones are well. <333

How did I not know that was yours? Lovely work!

My style can morph a bit.... And I like to be tricky when it comes to fests. ;D

Thank you lovely--glad you liked it.

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